Professor Syed Amir Hasan Abidi
Memorial Society
Regd.No. S/2194/Distt.South/2016

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Professor Syed Amir Hasan Abidi

Memorial Society

Professor S. A. H. Abidi Centenary Conference (Webinar) On 26 & 27 February 2021
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This Society has been formed in fond memory of eminent Persian scholar
Professor Syed Amir Hasan Abidi with the following aims & objectives

  1. To organize talks, lectures seminars, symposia, workshops, conferences etc. to further the cause of education & research in Persian language & literature;
  2. To provide financial assistance to deserving scholars undertaking PhD in Persian Language & Literature
  3. To recognize contribution of outstanding scholars and honour them.
  4. To start an academy for teaching & promotion of Persian language & literature
  5. To award prizes to scholars and students for outstanding work in Persian language & Literature
  6. To publish books, monographs, periodicals and papers
  7. To associate & collaborate with other Organisations in India and abroad and contribute to knowledge in Persian Language & Literature as well as inter-disciplinary studies
  8. To provide scholarships to girls undertaking higher education up to undergraduate level.
  9. To establish and run a Center of Indology.